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bookkeeping and payroll outsourcing

Payroll and HR 
Internal audit
External audit
Tax consulting

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Legal outsourcing

Access to expertise
Peaks in workflow
Legal process outsourcing
Legal operations
Outside in-house counsel

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KYC and AML Service

Collecting additional customer identification materials

Verifying the source of customer funds

Scrutinizing the purpose of transactions or the nature of business relationships more closely

Implementing ongoing monitoring procedures 

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Marketing & PR Communication


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Business Awards

List of all FX business award organizations. 

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1. What is Consulting?


Consulting means getting expert advice from a profiling company or a professional specializing in the industry you need. With the help of the third-party consulting companies, you can solve the whole range of issues which may arise in your business.


2. What is Legal Consulting?


Legal consulting is one of the main founders of consulting and professional services. All lawyers provide their services both in the form of advice and through direct conducting of their clients' issues. They can also give expert opinions on the compliance of an action or document in accordance with the law.


3. What is the difference between a Legal Consultant and a Lawyer?


The difference between a legal consultant and lawyer is that the legal consultant acts as an advisor, while the lawyer can also offer representation before a judge. The legal consultant ensures that their clients are acting within laws. The lawyer does this as well, but they can also advocate for their clients before a judge.


4. Why I need a legal consultant for?

  • debts collection from clients of companies;
  • resolution of labor disputes;
  • protection of copyright and intellectual property;
  • document flow, work with contracts, financial reports, etc.;
  • legal services.


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