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What is a Forex trading platform?

More and more people are thinking about how to improve their financial situation. How to achieve financial well-being?


Many people are nine-to-fivers, get a second or third job, work extra hours. Or they start their own business, becoming entrepreneurs.


But there is another way. This is Forex trading. Forex trading is trading on the international currency market. Thanks to the development of high technology, anyone can become a member of Forex, or the international currency exchange market.


Besides currencies, Forex has a plethora of trading instruments. These are stocks of domestic and foreign companies, government bonds, bonds of private companies, contracts for future deliveries (futures) on black gold, gas, contracts for precious and industrial metals, food and industrial goods, and much more.


To start trading at Forex, the first thing to do is to register a brokerage account with a reliable brokerage company and deposit a small amount on your brokerage account. The minimum entry threshold to Forex is about $100.


Then it is necessary to install a special program for buying and selling on Forex. This program is often called a Forex trading platform.

How does the forex trading platform work?

A Forex trading program is designed to automatically track the smallest changes in forex, whether it be currency pairs, energy commodities, metals, commodities, or cryptocurrencies.


Through this platform, the merchant places trade orders to buy and sell trading assets. These orders are then executed automatically.


The value of forex trading assets changes every fraction of a second. The daily trading turnover on the international foreign exchange market exceeds $5 trillion.

What are the features of trading platforms?

Most trading platforms are free of charge, but there are also programs developed by brokerage companies and provided to clients for a fee.


Trading platforms are working on desktop computers and programs designed to work on mobile gadgets.


Cutting-edge technology has made life so much easier than forex trading can be very comfortable. During lunch break or in the evening in your favorite cafe with a cup of aromatic coffee having a cell phone or tablet you can devote thirty minutes to trading and have extra income.


Thanks to the Forex trading platform, you can:


  • Conduct buying and selling.

  • Manage your trading account.

  • Analyze the market.

  • Receive the up-to-the-minute news and get trading signals.


Trading platforms can be:


  1. Paid and free of charge.

  2. They can be installed as a usual program designed for Windows or macOS.

  3. Platforms for trading may be designed to work on desktop computers and for mobile computers.

  4. There are trading programs that do not require installation. They work on the principle of web-terminal.


How to choose a program for trading

There are paid and free platforms for trading. Specialists in brokerage companies will be able to suggest which trading platforms are more comfortable for forex buying and selling. Often brokerage companies offer the use of trading platforms developed by specialists of these same companies.


Before you start trading and installing a trading platform, we recommend:


  • Consult with the broker's specialists on which platform is the best to stop your choice.

  • Study the reviews of trading platforms on specialized traders' forums.

  • While studying the reviews, do not take everything they say for granted as reviews can often be manipulative.

  • Study the instructions for working with the trading platforms. Video tutorials on how to learn, including how to work on a trading platform, are publicly available on the websites of brokerage companies and on YouTube.

1. What can I do with Forex Trading Platform?

  • conduct buying and selling;
  • manage your trading account;
  • analyze the market;
  • receive the up-to-the-minute news and get trading signals.

2. What kind of Trading Platform do you offer?


We offer MT4 and MT5 White Label.


3. What is Social Trading?


Social trading is online trading on financial markets within a social platform where traders interact with each other.

The social trading platform offers full transaction copying with elements of a social network and a full-featured demo access. Our platform allows our clients tracking and copying trades of the most successful traders in two shakes and at your earliest convenience.


4. What instruments do you use for Social Trading Platform?


Our social trading platform allows trading instruments for CFD trading.

The auto trading functionality helps traders to automatically copy or mirror the trades of other, more successful traders, with funds remaining within their account and no need to transfer them to the third parties.


5. Why our Social Trading Platform?


Our social trading platform can tender you all the necessary functionality for full-fledged work on markets and the interaction of participants: traders publish their trading statements, share investment ideas, send and receive trading signals, create blogs, adopt and share experience, and so on.

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