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Ready-made company with bank and crypto accounts in UK for sale 🇬🇧

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

United Kingdom


1-2 weeks

Application period


Ready Made Companies

Ready made companies, also known as shelf enterprises, are offshore companies that have been registered in advance and lie on the shelf in expectation of an interested customer.

The main goal of ready made companies is to save the client's time, which would have been spent on the full process of registering a new offshore company from scratch. Another reason for buying any ready made company is the liability to show a certain age of the firm, its existence for some period of time in order to formalize a transaction, which was actually completed in the past.

Buying a Ready Made company is better than registering a new one Offshore is a great way which is already proven by many businessmen to legally reduce taxing and increase their income. Buying a ready made offshore company is the most common business practice today. This reduces many problems and has significant advantages. An offshore company is a foreign company which has the entire package of documents, but does not carry out any activity. Of course, the older such an offshore company is, the more expensive it will be, but people choose the most acceptable option for themselves.

The main advantage of acquiring this type of company is the speed of registration. In fact, the company is simply re-registered to a new owner, and it takes from one day to one week. A businessman does not have to wait for weeks until all issues related to the purchase are resolved.

The procedure for registering a new brokerage company, obtaining a license for it and setting-up of accounts is not so fast and is significantly inferior, in terms of time, to the purchase of a ready made company with a ready made brokerage license. Of course, it is more expensive and, most likely, the license of the existing brokerage company will need to be expanded based on the client's tasks, but the purchase of the ready made offshore company will allow the client to work immediately after re-issuance. Such a company will be profitable and the invested capital will generate income, because you can already earn money while the license extension process lasts.


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