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FX trading license 

Forex trading brokers that present their activity as legal and transparent have a license which meets the needs of regulatory authorities. As a broker, you are involved in the commodity futures or futures options selling.


Every country has its regulatory authority which constantly monitors the brokers' activity, and you can work on a global scale as a legal and trustworthy broker.    

Mauritius Forex license 

In Mauritius, obtaining a license to operate a forex broker has been available since 2007. It is issued for the following activities:

  • financial advisory services;

  • investment advice;

  • asset management;

  • forex operations, which are directly related to investment activities.


Belize Forex License

This jurisdiction is one of the most popular among the companies actively engaged in investment activities. All kinds of brokerage services can be provided here, and at very democratic tax rates.

Cyprus forex broker license

Since 2007, there is a law in this jurisdiction, which lists in detail all the permissible types of investment services and activities in which companies may operate after obtaining a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Among them are:

  • handling orders related to financial instruments;

  • execution of orders on behalf of clients;

  • executing transactions on their own account;

  • securities portfolio management;

  • recommending client investments;


UK Forex license


The Forex market in the UK is well organized and developed. It is controlled by a significant number of regulatory authorities. These facts are of prime importance in understanding the complexities involved in obtaining a proper Forex license in the UK. The Forex market is licensed and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (the FCA). It is an independent agency reporting to the UK Treasury and Parliament. The FCA Board sets the inspection policies, procedures and practices. Its main responsibilities are the regulation of exchanges, financial companies and financial services markets. Our consultants are experts in the FCA regulation and will assist you in obtaining your FCA license.


For example, the first licensing level is the most significant and gives permission to work in the United States. 


Such a license must be approved by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association. 


An example of the sixth licensing level can give you permission to work in the Seychelles, but this kind of license does not allow you to work in the US. 


However, operating without a license is a scare tactics for brokers. Once your activity reaches a certain level of financial operations, you will be controlled by regulatory authorities which will check your financial operations, the amount of your earned money, and the type of license you have. 


As a result, a prestigious license secures you from regulatory authorities and builds the trust mood to your trading activity.


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