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Elon Musk’s Neuralink confident first chip will be implanted in a human brain in 2023

The Twitter owner said pending FDA approval a procedure to insert a semiconductor allowing the brain to connect with a computer via Bluetooth could be tested in six months

In 2021, Neuralink published a video of a monkey playing Pong, the Atari console video game based on the dynamics of ping pong. It became a viral sensation with more than six million views. The novelty was not that the primate, a macaque named Pager, was interacting with the game, but that he was manipulating the controls with his eyes: he was playing the game with his mind. The team at Musk’s company had implanted two chips in both sides of his head six months earlier. First, Pager was taught to play the game with a joystick, and then, according to Musk, the device was removed and the Neuralink inserted.

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