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Payment Systems in the UTIP Platform

Searching for the right payment solution is time intensive, and our clients can't always have the time for it. UTIP is pleased to help you with the choice of a payment system, its integration on our platform, compliance and so on. The UTIP gathers 40 integrated payment solution providers and about 50 payment solution integration services.

Types of payment solutions

● Acquiring: acceptance by Visa/MC/AmEx cards, etc.

● Crypto acquiring: cryptocurrency purchase made by traders with credit card or other methods.

The advantages of using a PSP

Vast geography of payment transactions including ample of countries. Some PSPs pitch the idea of anonymous cryptocurrency transactions. Others use more traditional fiat payments or a combination of fiat and crypto currencies. Cashier services ensure brokers with the recent additional tools as smart routing, MID and cascading.

Routing is an extensive list of payment channels depending on the credit card issuing country.

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