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TOP 13 Forex business awards

What contests should forex brokers take part in? What awards are considered the most prestigious? What other benefits can awards bring to the business? This article has compiled a list of the TOP 13 Forex industry awards.

The awards honour outstanding results for companies implementing cutting-edge technology and comprehensive market research tools for quality customer service, high performance, affiliate programs, and other essential elements of the Forex B2B ecosystem.

The award is also one of the most important parts of a PR and marketing strategy. Companies increase traders' confidence by winning awards at prestigious exhibitions and opening branches worldwide.

Receiving Forex awards is a strong motivation for your employees because the brand pride increases their productivity and interaction with the company. The premium also gives you a dominant position over your competitors.

Below is a list of the top 13 premiums in the Forex market.

1. World Forex Award

Opens the ranking of the most famous World Forex Award is one of the world's leading awards for Forex and the financial industry. The World Forex Awards ranks the best forex brokers and the most outstanding forex companies.

The WFA or World Forex Award organisation researches and verifies forex brokers and other financial companies only upon their request. World Forex Award winners are selected based on transparent research methods and a special commission. The names and list of WFA committee members are kept confidential to avoid corruption and other pressure on board members, which include researchers, financial professionals, academics, analysts and journalists. The World Forex Award is an independent organisation that has no relationship with Forex brokers, banks or other financial institutions. Only ten companies can be awarded in the World Forex Awards category annually.

2. Broker Pole

This new business award organisation has a modern website and innovative exposure options. They have over 20 nominations for Forex brokers, fund managers and even traders.


has evaluated the best forex brokers and the most outstanding forex companies in 30 categories. There are several requirements for candidates: the company must have FX services or related B2C services. The company should also have a well-structured website with precise contact details—B2 B nominees must-have services for FX brokerages. is an international organisation not affiliated with any country or jurisdiction.

4.World Financial Award

World Financial Awards has been one of the most prestigious awards that an organisation can receive since 2007. So the World Financial Award is one of the world's largest cross-industry business competitors. The World Financial Award is recognised by several financial institutions, regulators and non-governmental organisations.

5. World Financial Award

The annual Forex Brokers Award is based on experience in marketing, PR and business awards. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the organisation identifies the best forex brokers worldwide. One of the oldest business award organisations and one of the most prestigious. Switzerland is one of the most important financial centres; as we can see on the website, this organisation has physical events too, but they have switched to online events during the Covid-19 pandemic. The nomination process is permanent so brokers can register anytime during the year.

6. The Financier Magazine

The Financier Magazine is the world's leading publisher of quality financial and business magazines. The FX Awards by The Financier Magazine is a prestigious annual award that a forex broker can receive for outstanding performance. The financier magazine was established in 2019 and quickly gained a ranking among financial communities. Now there are two versions of the magazine: The Financier UK, which is international and The Financier Ukraine. We have talked to the magazine's chief editor, and then they have a plan to help with physical events in February for the winners and future nominees. All winners are published in both versions. There are options to book a cover page for a promotional interview too.

7. The Best Broker Awards

The Best Broker Awards were created to identify the best foreign exchange retail and B2B services companies in the forex industry around the world. Simple and popular Forex business award firm with a surprisingly good ranking in google. This brand is quite old and reputable, with more than six years of history and an fx broker database. The nomination process is permanent here too. All necessary information is on the front page. Nominations are a little bit less than at other brands; however still a very good exposure option.

8. Asia FX Award

Another annual Asia FX Award honours the best banks, dealers, brokers and money managers in the Asia-Pacific region. For the award, a panel of judges will review entries across 15 categories and identify companies that have developed unique and innovative ways to respond to the needs of the industry. The Asia FX Award also has 17 voting categories, the winner of which will be selected by FX professionals from the Asia Pacific region. Mostly you can find international Forex award organisations, but there are two locals, Asia FX Award and Cyprus Business Excellence Award (which Specialises in FX brokers). Having a local award gains exposure in the specific region.

9. Cyprus Business Excellence Award

With a surprisingly good google rank, CBEA is the only business award in Cyprus. This organisation also has B2B awards as Cyprus is the spot of FX B2B service providers. We have contacted the staff, and they are based in Cyprus. Also, they have a physical event a few times a year. It is one of the best options if you want to gain your rank in Cy or internationally.

10. Forex Brokers Association Awards

These are pretty unusual and exciting awards because this is not an actual Forex award organisation. This is an association. The organisation has over 20 members arrows the world. Nomination and winners are not part of the membership, which means that becoming a member of FBA will not grant you the award. The nomination and award process is completely separate.

11. Forex Twitter Awards

As twitter means “give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds”, this bird is very unusual as she is twitting the names of winners for brokers. Extremely simple and nice website, easy to navigate. Forex Twitter Awards is focused only on business awards in the forex industry. The nomination process is permanent.

12. Forex Brokers Alliance

Forex Brokers Alliance Awards The FX Brokers Alliance Awards is a business award that includes a list of the essential options for influencing the Forex market. Only members of the Alliance can nominate and receive an honorary award that confirms the professional level and high quality of the services and justifies customers' trust.

13. Forex Traders Association

We have already discussed Forex Brokers Association; well looks like there is an association for forex traders too. As we have investigated, the company has over 5000 member traders, so winning can give the broker direct sales and leads from fellow members. Finally, awards will only give indirect leads. However, it is a perfect PR option, not marketing but PR. Awards are more for calibration of companies brand and how the company is positioning itself among its traders and industry professionals. Awards are helping to gain trust. Some of my friends from FX brokerage companies said that awards helped them in retention. It can be if the winning company properly uses award materials at the website, emails, expos and printings.

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